Animation may be the most compelling visual aid available to the litigator. Using this dynamic medium, we can focus the trier-of-fact on business data and information, or take them to places otherwise impossible to see, or complete demonstrations otherwise too dangerous to conduct. Web based animation programs, such as Flash can move objects on screen at varying speeds and in any direction. These types of applications allow interactive illustrations of flow charts, bar charts, diagrams and any visual where directional movement is helpful. Three dimensional animation makes possible illustration of an actual incident, event or process. A scene or object can be viewed from any perspective and explored by moving through it or around it. “Seeing” a chemical reaction at the molecular level, the inner workings of a complex machine, an aviation accident or the steady growth of a toxic plume in underground water are only a few examples of what our state-of-the-art animation can provide. 
  • Creative direction 
  • Storyboard & animation design 
  • 2D animation 
  • 3D animation & simulation 
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